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Divided We Fall PC Controls

2 October 2017, Monday, 15:13:17


PC Controls

Camera Controls

WASD: Move camera left/right/up/down
Scrollwheel: Zoom in/out
Scrollwheel pressed: Rotate camera with mouse
Q: Rotate camera with mouse
Spacebar: Tactical view (Alternatively, you can just zoomout until you enter tactical view)


Soldier Controls

L-Mouse Button on soldier: Selects the soldier
L-Mouse Button held and dragged: Select multiple soldiers in a similar manner as an RTS game.
Number keys 1234: Selects soldier 1 to 4 respectively for the numberkey pressed
Number key 5: Selects all your soldiers
L-Mouse button: Face towards direction
R-Mouse button: Move to location
G (Toggle): Grenade
Alt (Hold): Grenade
Z: Prone/Stand up
R: Cancel all orders given to selected soldier
Esc: Cancel all orders given to selected soldier, unselects the soldier if there are no orders.
M: Sniper mode
F1: Hold fire
F2: Slow rate of fire
F3: Medium rate of fire
F4: High rate of fire
C: Cycle up through rate of fires
X: Cycle down through rate of fires



T: All chat
Y: Team chat
N (Hold): Ping location

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