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Divided We Fall – Rate of Fire

2 October 2017, Monday, 15:18:58


Rate of Fire

In DWF you have the option to change your ROF (Rate of Fire). There are four options to pick from:


Hold fire: (F1)
Your soldier does not shoot even if he sees an enemy. This is useful if you’re trying to stay hidden, but you rarely want your soldier set to hold fire.


Slow ROF: (F2)
Your soldier shoots extra slow, as he takes more time to aim. However, his hit percentage increases, giving him a better chance to hit a target from afar.


Medium ROF: (F3)
The default rate of fire your soldier will be set to on round start. It’s an average inbetween option.


High ROF: (F4)
The highest rate of fire. Your soldier will take less time to aim, meaning that he will fire faster at the expense of accuracy. Useful when going around corners, doorways and any other close quarters situations you expect enemies to be at. In a point blank garantueed 100% hitpercentage scenario, you will always want to make sure you shoot first.


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