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Divinity: Original Sin 2 – ACT 1 – Puzzle Guide/Solutions

18 September 2017, Monday, 0:57:17


ACT 1 – Puzzle Guide/Solutions

Braccus Word Puzzle
This puzzle is all about giving each word in the respective sentences a symbolic letter. You find this hint from talking to the rat right outside the room.


Word 1




-BRACCUS: B (bloody), R (rotten), A (thieving), C (very), C (very), U (awful), S (fellow)
-CUR: very, awful, rotten



Word 2




-SOURCE: S (scourge), O (devil), U (misery), R (blight), C (hex), E (curse)
-CURE: hex, misery, blight, curse



Braccus Tower
This place has a few different “puzzles” inside of them, so I’ll just quickly list them all of and what the solutions are.

Closed Gate by Statue (Past the Undead)
You’ll need to flip the lever that is hidden in another room on the other side of the major room.




You can access this by clicking on the sewer-grate looking door (and the easiest way to get to it is just by using a jump skill instead of messing with the door and fireballs).




For the well, you just need to give it some water. The easiest way to do this is if you have the rain spell. Just cast it over the well and it will fill up.





Coffin Room Barrier
For this, you just need to have a Source point on you and infuse it into the ‘Mysterious Tech’ that’s right beside the barrier.




The Historian
To cure the historian of his debuff, you need to put him on a blood surface and then cast the Bless spell on the blood. You can do this easily if you have the Rain Blood (or whatever it’s called) spell. Alternatively, you can use Flesh Sacrifice a couple times and then teleport the Historian onto the blood. Lastly, you can also attack a teammate right next to the Historian and then teleport him onto the blood.





The Cursed Lever (where you save Gareth)
All you need to do for this is bless the lever. As far as I know, there is not way to save the soldier.





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