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Divinity: Original Sin 2 – ACT 2 – Puzzle Guide/Solutions

18 September 2017, Monday, 13:57:48


Divinity: Original Sin 2 – ACT 2 – Puzzle Guide/Solutions

The Graveyard (Ryker’s Area)
The Petrified Tomb
To loot the coffin, you just need to cast Armour of Frost on yourself and then loot up. To free Qanna and talk or kill her, cast the buff on her.




The Burning Chest
There are a few requirements for this one: you need to be a lizard and know the ancient language. Once you know the language, go talk to the salamander in Ryker’s house (where you meet him originally). Once you learn the password, go back to the burning chest and cast rain on both sides of the flaming lizard heads. I think that’s enough, but if not try blessing the water. Then you should be able to talk to the chest without the flames being “in the way.”

Chest Location:




Salamander Location:




Environment I Could Talk to Chest In:




Johanna’s Tomb
The first thing you need to do once in here is find the two buttons that allow you to open the wall to the actual coffin.

Button 1:




Button 2:




Once you do this, put a piece of gear (I used a pot in the picture but use a piece of gear instead, it won’t get hurt) on the huge button in the farthest room. After this, use Spirit Vision to allow yourself to see the levers on the wall. Once you can see them, the combination to reveal the hatch is the middle lever, then the left lever, then the right lever.









Mordus’ House Elemental Puzzle
This one is pretty simple. The base line is that you need to use Spirit Vision to see the solution (that appears at the top of the block of squares).

Spirit Vision:




Placement Solution:




Burning Prophet Statue
This one is pretty easy. You just need to light all of the braziers at the same time using Ignite or Fireball or something.





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