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Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Beginner’s Guide to Pickpocketing

22 September 2017, Friday, 16:59:02


Beginner’s Guide to Pickpocketing

A quick guide on how stealing works in D:OS2.


1) Have one thief and make sure he is not as a part of a party when you steal (he is NOT chained so as to move together with others)
This is what trips you up – all npcs will notice that they have been pick-pocketed. The npc will turn to your party and if you are all “chained” together the “let me check your bags” will be triggered on all of your party.
To avoid this the thief goes alone and as soon as he is done have him run away a small distance, meanwhile let your other party members to be searched – since they are clean nothing will happen. Search only happens once so you won’t be asked again afterwards. Thief can even go and trade with the npc again (not the stolen items tho…)


2) To make it easy have one or more people from your party talk to the npc so they don’t walk around and don’t change the sight lines. This makes sneaking easier and pick-pocketing also as you have more time to see all of the items available.


3) If your party members have equipped stolen items, doesn’t matter who searches you, they will see that you have been up to no good. In this case they can almost always be bribed for a small amout (100-200) since they don’t care so much for other peoples items.


4) Enjoy the easy money, legendary loot from traders in Driftwood.

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