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Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Character Creation – Origin

26 September 2017, Tuesday, 23:43:38


Character Creation – Origin

This is the first menu a player sees when they start up the game. There are 5 races in total – Human, Elf, Dwarf, Lizard, and Undead. There are 3 types of characters the player can make. An ORIGIN character is one with a rich backstory and lore created by Larian studios. They have their own racial skills and interactions with the world. CUSTOM is a character that the player creates. They don’t have any custom lore; rather the player decides their backstory and the path they take through character interactions. CUSTOM UNDEAD is like custom but with undead characteristics.


Each character gets 2 skills and talents pre-assigned. You can mouse over each of them to see what they do. Origin characters tend to have skills that are unavailable elsewhere in the game. You’ll notice that each one has a skill that has a blue diamond icon. This means that the skill requires a special resource to be used called Source. The green circle means how many ACTION POINTS it requires to use in a turn. Again, Combat will explain what that is but really quickly – a character starts combat with a finite number of action points. Each action, such as movement, using spells, or attacking uses action points, denoted by how many green circles. A turn ends when you have 0 AP left or you end your turn prematurely. Lastly, in the bottom right of the skill window will be a number with a circle around it. This is the cooldown of the skill. For example, Ifan ben-Mezd the Origin character can use Summon Ifan’s Soul Wolf once. He then must wait 6 turns to use it again.


At the bottom of the window is your preset, essentially the character archetype you want. Is your person a shifty rogue, sticking to the shadows and attacking swiftly in the backs of his enemies? Or a crafty wizard raining fire from afar?


Near the top of the page you’ll see 6 different tabs. Tab over to Appearence where you can customize Ifan’s appearence. Note that Origin character cannot have their voices changed since they have voice over acting for many NPC interactions.

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