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Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Fort Joy Ghetto – Walkthrough

1 October 2017, Sunday, 23:42:44


Fort Joy Ghetto – Walkthrough

Once you have entered The Ghetto, make your way near the waypoint where you should see an elf being hurrassed by Burro and Kana. Talk them down, then kill them afterwards. Talk to Fara with a human character afterwards to start her quest. Let her know about the voidwoken attack when you hear about it. Magister Yarrow is near here, talk to her as well to start her quest.


Make your way south avoiding the three people sitting at a table, Gawin should talk to you. Say you are alone and take his deal to start his quest. Use your map to find the Crocodiles, and make your way over to them. You should see a Lizard and Human arguing over something. Know that if you talk to them, the human WILL kill the lizard.


Septa the Ineffable will be along your path to the Crocs. Destroy her. Beyond you’ll see the Croc, take them out and explore the area. There is a chest, and some loot scattered around.


Head south once you’ve killed the crocs, until you see someone named Narin. Kill him, as he is an assassain after The Red Prince. With him dead, talk to Margo and then Moal. If you are going to kill Saam and Baladir this is a good time to. Just be sure you are out of sight of everyone else.


Continue east from Saam and Baladir, until you see Griff. You can talk with everyone there, except Amyro the imprisoned elf, you’ll do that in just a bit. Further east still you should see a inecsessable ladder. There should be a Yarrow Flower near it you can reach. Head north from here and talk to Nebora to learn about potential collar removal, then head south again.


You should eventually come to spot with a path leading east. Take it, and make sure you still have at least one Yarrow Fower on you. You’ll arrive on a beach where Migo currently is. Talk to him and give him a Yarrow Flower. He’ll give you his ring in return. Take the southern path out of the beach he is at. You should see Doctor Leste and Dain. Have one person equip Migo’s Ring, and have your other character of choice talk to Doctor Leste. Give Leste the beer when she asks for it, while the character with the Migo Ring equipped casts restoration on Dain. With them all taken care of, enter the nearby Cavern.



Revisit 1
Once returned from the Cavern, head back to the Kitchen and talk to Amyro. Once you have the associated Quest, talk to all of Griff’s Crew. Then hunt down and talk to the Rat roaming the area if you have pet pal. Before finally making your way near Doctor Leste. If you have pet pal, talk to Buddy to obtain his quest and key.


South west of Buddy you should find Stingtail’s place. Look around for a Marked Crate before finally confronting Stingtail himself. Persuade him to give you the supplies if possible, otherwise steal them from him. Take the supplies back to Griff with ONE member of your party.


Amyro will be released, but swap back to your other party members and defend Stingtail by attacking Silence. Once your party is all back together, talk to stingtail provided he survived.


Return to Magister Yarrow and give her Migo’s Ring. Before you follow her to Migo’s Beach, go mess with the Card Sharks, use the Sparkler Card obtained from Dain to win the Pot, then kill them all. Return to Migo’s Beach for the rewards from Yarrow’s Quest, then promtply kill both her and Migo.


You should have been told of a secret path by Amyro as well as Withermoore. Quickly enter both entrances they mentioned for the Underground Tunnel, before returning to Griff’s Kitchen. You’ll Notice a hatch in the area, take it to enter the Arena of the One.



Revisit 2
Once finished with the Arena of the One, hold off talking to Nebora again for just a bit longer. You should either be level 4, or nearly level 4. Talk to Gawin and tell him you have the glove before trading with him for any items you might want since he’ll move to a slighlty off the beaten path location afterwards. You can return to The Beach for its revisit at any point in time now.


Your party should definately be level 4 by now. So go around and obtain all the skillbooks you need. Try to get the best gear that you can manage, and start collecting crates. This is one of the better points in time to attempt the Dallis Encounter. If you choose not to or already triggered the event, its time to start clearing out magisters.


Might as well trigger it with a bang, talk to Nebora and have her remove your collar. Now all Magisters will attack you on sight in Fort Joy, or try to hual you off to the prison. Teach them the error of their ways. Once there are no more Magisters in the Ghetto, enter the Underground Tunnel at Migo’s Beach.



Revisit 3
You should continue making use of the merchants here until you are preparing the Final Push to leave Reaper’s Island. Some of the Merchants give EXP when they are killed, as well as some of the NPCs. Decide who you want to leave alive, because you can NEVER return to this island once you leave.


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