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Divinity: Original Sin 2 – How to Prevent Party Members to Die

22 September 2017, Friday, 2:24:35


How to Prevent Party Members to Die

The game is over whenever all your party members die in combat. As trivial as it sounds in Divinity Original Sin 2 it has interesting interactions in combat. First of all it is really important to not be overly aggressive but also have decent defensive options to avoid death. This is particularly crucial during fights where you are meant to be at a disadvantage (ambushes for example). Try to get at least one good mobility option for each of your party members so they can get out of trouble if needed (Cloak and Dagger, Tactical Retreat, Phoenix Dive, Nether Swap, Spread your Wings are some strong options but there is more). On top of mobility it is good to balance out your defensive skills across your team even if one character is more inclined to defend and support the team. The reason behind it is simply that if your supportive character gets heavily focused by the enemy you still have the option to defend yourself and survive thanks to the support of the rest of the team.


One very important factor in Divinity Original Sin 2 combats is armors. Traditional games invite you to lower the amount of damage incoming thanks to tanks and then heal yourself thanks to healers. In this game it is best to be proactive and prevent damage to happen at all. Yes being defensive means healing your team so they are not too low on health but it mostly mean to check at all time the level of armors of all your party members and make sure that there is no big weakspot for your enemies to exploit (the AI will always use your weakness against you). This explains why you may always have the same character dying on your team. Aside from adding armors to your team don’t neglect buffs and status effects. Slowing your enemies can make it harder for them to kill you. Knocking them down can get rid of them entirely for at least a turn and so on. Lastly use your environment wisely to avoid as much damage as possible. Don’t let ranged enemies get higher ground than your team, try to use clouds, walls and such at your advantage to break enemies lines of sights, try to spread out your team as much as possible to avoid being killed by big area of effect attacks.

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