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Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Origin Stories

14 September 2017, Thursday, 19:21:13


Origin Stories

Origin stories gain a specific Tag which gives them unique dialogue options and their own story, goals and history within the world of Rivellon. Origin stories not chosen in character creation become recruitable companions during the game.


Red Prince 

Famed for his unique red skin and his unparalleled skills as general of the House of War, the Red Prince was raised within the vast palaces of the fabled Forbidden City. Destined to become the next emperor, his ambitions came to naught when he fell from grace for cavorting with demons. Exiled and hunted by assassins, he remains undaunted, and as determined as ever to claim his rightful throne.



A slave no longer, Sebille managed to break free from the shackles of the Master, an enigmatic villain under whose thumb she was forced to hunt down her own kin. She still bears the living scar he used to dominate even her thoughts, but now it serves only to fuel the fires of her inescapable revenge.



When his rebellion against the tyrannical dwarf queen failed, Marcus Miles was cast away and left to die – though die he did not. He commandeered a ship and began a new life on the high seas, exacting revenge upon the royal fleet and earning himself a new name: Beast. Now, he’s learned of the queen’s most heinous plan yet, and he seeks to stop her – for good, this time – before it’s too late.


Ifan Ben-Mezd

Formerly a crusader in Lucian’s army, Ifan pledged his life to protect the Divine Lucian. But as war raged and innocents died, he lost faith in the Divine Order. Now a mercenary, ben-Mezd is the prized assassin of the Lone Wolves… with a contract to kill Lucian’s son.



A lifelong performer and musician, Lohse’s mind is a playground for sprites, spirits, and entities unknown. Recently, however, a darker voice has silenced all others – and seeks to bend Lohse’s will to its own. If she cannot find a way to control it, it will claim her body and soul for itself.



After aeons of entombment, Fane emerged to find his people gone, his culture forgotten, and every trace of the world he knew all but obliterated. The last of his kind, Fane hides his true face beneath an ever-shifting mask. Now he wanders this strange land, trying to uncover the truth about a history these primitive people never knew existed.

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