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Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Source Powers

14 September 2017, Thursday, 12:28:49


Source Powers

Your characters whether they are custom made or origin stories all are sourcerers which means that they all have access to the Source. The Source is essentially the energy behind the creation of life in Rivellon and as you can imagine gives access to great powers to whoever has access to it. In terms of gameplay the Source is not only connected to the previously mentionned effects Bless and Curse as you need access to the Source to use those but also gives access to special skills much stronger than the others. Those Source skills cost you a Source point to use on top of the normal conditions such as Action point cost and cooldown. Source points can be acquired by different means such as walking in a Source pool that you can find regularly around the world, by draining the Source out of corpses or by draining the spirit of the deads thanks to your Sourcerer ability to talk with spirits. But beware as draining the Source from the deads may lead you to become dark and have terrible consequences …


As you can imagine using the Source is not something you do often and should be done only in the toughest encounters or you may regret being out of Source points during the most dire situations. You start up with one maximum Source point per character as soon as you remove your Source collar during the Prologue on Fort Joy’s island and then as you become stronger may eventually get access to up to 3 Source points stored at the same time.


As a general advice aside from not randomly using Source skills I would recommend you to specifically wait the right window to do so. Always use your Source skills when you know the correct armors are removed on your targets (or that your skill will remove them in the process as most of those skills are very powerful) to maximize its effects. Or wait to be able to target as many enemies as possible if you use a big skill that can impact several targets.


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Here is a comparison from the same character of a Fireball regular skill and Epidemic of Fire, a source skill. At first they look not so different in terms of damage but Epidemic of Fire can bounce up to 5 times and also leave a cursed fire field instead of regular fire making it a very deadly weapon melting down your opponents.


It may sound a bit trivial but try to use only Source skills that really take the best advantage of your strengths and strategy, don’t use a Source skill just because you can use one. For example if your have a mage with particularly good fire damage and very average access to other elements try to mostly (if not only) make use of his fire Source spells because those bonus damage can really quickly ramp up and decimate your foes.


Though at first Source skills may look a bit underwhelming considering their cost if you use them at the appropriate time and have a build that make good use of it they can be really devastating and turn the tides of battle in your favor with one Source skill only.

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