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Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Starting Bonuses

9 October 2017, Monday, 15:29:49


Starting Bonuses

Racial Skills
(The player character will have two. One of them is determined by race. Dome Of Protection is not available in Game Master mode.)

All Races: Dome Of Protection
Living Dwarves: Petrifying Touch
Living Elves: Flesh Sacrifice
Living Humans: Encourage
Living Lizards: Dragon’s Blaze
All Undead: Play Dead


Racial Talents
(The player character will have two. Both of them are determined by race. Racial talents of other races cannot be chosen when leveling up.)

All Dwarves: Sturdy
Living Dwarves: Dwarvern Guile
All Elves: Corpse Eater
Living Elves: Ancestral Knowledge
All Humans: Ingenious
Living Humans: Thrifty
All Lizards: Sophisticated
Living Lizards: Spellsong
All Undead: Undead


Starting Skills
(The player character can have up to three. The player character must qualify for them by having at least one point in the appropriate combat ability.)

Warfare: Crippling Blow, Battle Stomp, Battering Ram, Bouncing Shield
Huntsman: Elemental Arrowheads, First Aid, Pin Down, Ricochet
Scoundrel: Adrenaline, Throwing Knife, Backlash, Chloroform
Pyrokinetic: Searing Daggers, Peace Of Mind, Haste, Ignition
Hydrosophist: Hail Strike, Armour Of Frost, Rain, Restoration
Aerotheurge: Shocking Touch, Electric Discharge, Favourable Wind, Blinding Radiance
Geomancer: Fossil Strike, Fortify, Contamination, Poison Dart
Necromancer: Raise Bloated Corpse, Mosquito Swarm, Blood Sucker, Decaying Touch
Summoning: Conjure Incarnate, Dimensional Bolt, Elemental Totem, Farsight Infusion


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