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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Tips & Tricks

12 September 2017, Tuesday, 3:27:20


General Tips

Here is a list of random but useful tips that should help you out to get better in combat:

-One character = One strategy
It’s best that each of your character does what it is supposed to instead of trying to do everything with every character.


-Be ready, be adaptive
It’s good to specialize your characters but don’t rely too much on the same strategy or you may have serious troubles in some situations. You will face very varied encounters and if for example your main source of damage is fire any Magical Armor heavy or Fire resist heavy team will completely destroy you. It’s also good for each of your character to do a tiny bit of what it’s not supposed to do such as having one Magical Armor CC on your heavy Physical Damage character (and vice-versa) for that moment where you can only that one type of CC.


-Synergy is the key
Synergy between your characters but also within each character’s build will get you anywhere. If you feel your characters lack synergy try to figure out why, sometimes it can be because of their Initiative Score (you often want to put Poison before Fire for example), sometimes it can be because they are doing too much of the same, sometimes it’s another reason entirely. On a team-scale try to make the count of how many CC you have, their Armor type and which character holds them, the count of your defensive options, what mobility options each party member has. On a character-scale make sure that your damage-dealer character have good skills to get rid of armors fast and decent CC options that are cheap-enough to use and with cooldowns that allow them to be used when needed to make sure you keep the upper-hand.


-Creativity is your best friend



Few tips about inventory management

-Keep a shovel in your bag, obvious but just do it (Lizards don’t need one actually they have claws for that)


-Grab a Bed Bag as soon as you see one and keep it in your inventory (you can find some at the very beginning on the game on the boat actually). This holy grail item instantly heals all party members at full around you and can be used infinitely as long as you are not rested and not in battle. It’s a lot more convenient than spamming healing spells after every fight right ? (also gives a sweet little bonus if you use it right before a fight).


-Don’t forget the Pet Pal talent, animals have so much secrets to share!


-Quicksave (F5 by default) and Quicload (F8 by default) are your friends. Press F5 anytime you did something that would be a pain to do over again such as a fight, a big session of trading etc. Trust me you will save a lot of time doing so. (you can choose how many quicksaves are being kept as backup in the options by the way!)


-You can place items as “Wares” in your inventory which are then all instantly put in the Sell window when you click on the Icon at the top of the screen making selling a much easier task.


-In singleplayer in particular it’s good to have each party member inventory fulfilling one purpose. One contains all the “Wares” to sell (the character with the highest bartering), one contains all the crafting items (preferably not your main to avoid struggling to find a specific item you just picked up), one having all quest items etc.


-Bags (and containers in general) can make inventory management a LOT easier, you can for example place all your consumables in a bag and then place the bag in your hotbar so when you use it in combat you have all your consumables in one place! Likewise you can use one container for all your keys, another one for all your potions, your scrolls, arrows, grenades etc etc etc. Containers are your friends!


-You can rotate objects you are about to move around in the environment (By default by using the mousewheel as you hold left click when you move the item around). It sounds silly but some very heavy items that block your way can be moved more easily by being rotated than moved entirely somehow (barriers for example).


-You can change your party formation in the Menu which not only changes how your characters move around as a group but also at the start of the fight.


-You want to save the black cat in Fort Joy, trust me, you do.

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