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Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Weapon Recipes

7 September 2017, Thursday, 16:42:36


Weapon Recipes

Be aware, the weapons created will be at the level your character crafting them is currently at. So you might want to save these materials until later on so you can make higher level weapons either to sell or use yourself.


Shiv = Sharp Piece of Metal + Cloth Scraps

Shiv = Sharp Piece of Metal + Leather Scraps

Sharp Stone on a Stick = Sharp Rock + Short Branch

Sharp Stone on a Big Branch = Sharp Rock + Long Branch

Big Tongs Roped Together = Tongs + Cloth Scraps

Big Tongs Roped Together = Tongs + Leather Scraps

Improv Wand = Short Stick + Skull

Improvised Staff = Long Branch + Shell

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