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Doki Doki Literature Club – Characters Guide

9 October 2017, Monday, 3:18:11


Characters Guide / Choices


Sayori is your happy, friendly childhood friend. She has always been there for you, although until she invited you to the lit club, you two had started to see less and less of each other due to her getting up late for school, and you having interests away from hers. Can you rekindle this friendship into something more?




1st Choice – Sayori!
2nd Choice – Walk with Sayori
3rd Choice – Sayori
4th Choice – I love you (lock in)
5th Choice – Chocolates
6th Choice – Hide
7th Choice – Let’s go on an adventure!
8th Choice – Check her leg
Should be impossible to fail from this point out.



The shy, awkward one of the club, Yuri has a lot of hidden depths to her that will slowly be revealed through the game. Can you bring her out of her shell and into your life?




1st Choice – Yuri
2nd Choice – Walk with Yuri
3rd Choice – Yuri
4th Choice – Yes (lock in)
5th Choice – Hold her hand
6th Choice – Encourage her
7th Choice – Break the knife
8th Choice – Forever
From here, you can’t fail. Best of luck!



Natsuki is the youngest one in the club, and likes cute things and food. She isn’t overly fond of being straight up nice, but beneath it all, she has a good heart. Natsuki needs less affection to get, but this is counterbalanced by having one fewer choice that affects her affection level.




1st Choice – Natsuki
2nd Choice – Irrelevant
3rd Choice – Natsuki
4th Choice – Ask for a date (lock in)
5th Choice – Squid
6th Choice – Offer her your place
7th Choice – Stop him
8th Choice – Marriage
Should be impossible to fail from here.


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