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Doki Doki Literature Club – How to Achieve The Elusive Special Ending

20 October 2017, Friday, 20:34:16


How to Achieve The Elusive Special Ending

Long story short – you need to have witnessed every single CG scene in the game.

There is a total of 10 CGs that you need to “collect”: 3 CGs with Sayori, 3 CGs with Natsuki, 3 CGs with Yuri, and one final CG with Monika in the void.

Bear in mind, that every CG except Monika’s needs to be collected during the first (non-glitched) phase of the game!


Here are some condensed, step-by-step instructions on how to do that:
0) Delete your old saves or “reinstall the game” as described in Corrupted Saves section
1) Start a fresh new game
2) Save at the beginning of the 1st poem minigame
3) Make sure every single poem you write is for Natsuki
4) Pick Natsuki to help out with the festival
5) After Natsuki leaves, load the save you made at the 1st poem minigame
6) From now on, write poems only for Yuri
7) Help Yuri with preparations for the festival
8) After Yuri leaves, load the save you made at the 1st poem minigame once again
9) Write poems only for Sayori
10) Pick whoever you want to help with the festival
11) Tell Sayori you love her
All set! Now let the events of the festival day play out, and proceed to the next (glitched) phase of the game, until you finally get Monika’s CG. Make sure you actually see the her CG before deleting her file!
It doesn’t really matter what choices you make during the glitched phase, you’ll be forced to spend time with Yuri regardless of what you do, but I’d suggest you dedicate your first poem to Natsuki to get a bit more dialogue!

Q: What’s a CG???
A: In visual novel folk’s lingo – an image drawn specifically to depict a very particular important scene, as opposed to regular scene which consists of standard character models overlaid on top of a background!



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