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Doki Doki Literature Club – Writing Poems

20 October 2017, Friday, 20:25:13


Writing Poems

Poem writing is a simple minigame that determines which one of the three girls you’ll be spending some time with the next day! All you have to do to impress your preferred girl is pick words from a randomized pool that said girl likes the most.

If you’ve read brief character descriptions on the Store page, and paid attention to the dialogue during your first day in Literature club, you should have a very good understanding of which words should click with which girl!

Don’t sweat it if you’ve got several words wrong, and remember: there is no harm in saving during the minigame and retrying if you’re not 100% happy!

Sayori likes simple words that are either happy or sad;
Natsuki prefers cute stuff – animals, food; clothes etc.;
and Yuri loves grim, edgy, or complicated words that you probably don’t know the meaning of.


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