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Dominions 5 – Battles View

28 November 2017, Tuesday, 21:11:18


Battles View

When you get a report on a battle, you can click on the message “There was a battle in <province name>”. This gives you the battle summary with the casualty lists. Clicking the “View battle” text will take you into the battle replay.



The battles in Dominions are actually very detailed tactical resolutions fought at the level of the individual fighters, mages, and priests. Each unit has its own equipment and abilities. They move and fight according to these parameters, according to the battle sequence. When you watch the battle replay, you can see what happened with various degrees of detail. There is a box in the upper left which describes the action. You can change the level of detail in this box by hitting the number keys: [1] for least detail, [2] for more detail, and [3] for most detail.



Other useful keys when viewing battles are:

[Arrow] for scrolling around the map

[PageUp] [PageDown] for adjusting the camera height

[Space] for pausing the action

[c] for toggling colored squares for the teams

[g] for toggling grid

[w] for toggling the wire frame grid (battelfield graphics disappear from view)

[q] to quit out of the battle replay

[f] speed up battle replay to fast speed

[t] speed up battle replay to fastest speed

[s] switch battle replay back to normal speed

[v] while viewing a unit, this key will show its combat log

[z] slow motion replay (useful when using greatest amount of detail to see what happens and when)

[F1] Obtain a list of all the units

[?] for viewing the available hotkeys

[1][2][3] adjusts the level of detail in the battle log (upper left text box describing the battle action)

[+][-] scroll the battle log



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