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Dominions 5 – Formations

28 November 2017, Tuesday, 21:18:29



Formations are the patterns used to deploy units of a squad onto the map. There are five types of formations.



Types of Formations


A box formation deploys your units in as close to a square as possible. The 36 Infantry of Ulm (size 2) shown above are deployed in a box with four squares frontage and three squares deep, yielding 12 squares of three units each.



A line formation deploys your units in a straight line facing the enemy.


Double Line

A double line is the same as a line except half the units are placed in a rank immediately behind the first line.


Sparse Line

A sparse line formation is identical to a line, except that an empty square is inserted between each square of units. This doubles the length of the line. It carries a -1 penalty to the squad’s morale.



Skirmish formation forms a box-like checkerboard formation which separates each square of units from its neighbors with an empty square in four directions, as above. It has a -1 penalty to morale.

Undisciplined squads automatically use the skirmish formation and cannot use any other. Adding an undisciplined unit to a squad makes the whole squad undisciplined.

The ability Formation Fighter allows you to fit more units in a square.



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