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Dominions 5 – Movement

28 November 2017, Tuesday, 19:58:41



Dominions 5 is a game of provinces. However, moving through them has changed significantly from previous versions of the game.

Movement still consists of going from one province to another, and depends on several things: the movement speed of the unit(s), the terrain in the province, and whether or not the province is friendly or enemy. In general, you can only move from one province to another if they are connected. To see a province’s connections, hit the [8] key. These connections will be color-coded.

However, it is now possible to move through multiple provinces of enemy territory if your movement allowance is high enough.

The basic concepts regarding movement are as follows:

● Movement takes place as a series of “half-steps”: you move out of one province and into another.
● When you do this, you pay movement costs for each half-step according to the Movement Cost Table
● Stopping in an enemy province triggers combat, unless all entering units are Stealthy (like scouts).
● Armies with multiple units move at the speed of the slowest unit.
● Only commanders may move. Armies may not move if they are not led by a commander.
● Movement into or out of difficult terrain (forest, mountains, swamp) is affected by units’ survival abilities.



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