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Dominions 5 – Playing a Network Game


Playing a Network Game

Dominions 5 can be run over a network (TCP/IP or LAN) using a server. This requires someone to run the game continuously on a computer where the players can log in and access their turns. The server computer acts as a host and can be automated to host the game at regular intervals. Alternately, the owner of the host computer can simply select Host manually each turn. Someone (even multiple people) can play on the host computer, or it can just run the game. A single machine can host multiple games, as long as each one is on a separate port.


Creating a network game To play Dominions 5 over a network, the host machine must first create the game. This is done from the Network selection in the main menu. Choose Setup Dominions server, and choose a port. The port does not matter as long as it is reachable on the host’s machine. The lowest possible port number (1024) often works well.


The host chooses the Age normally, and then a screen will appear with all of the available nations showing. A player will need to connect to the game using the Connect to Dominions server selection from the Network choice in the main menu to claim a nation. The game will ask for an IP address (or server name, such as and port, which the host must provide. Clicking on the text “Open” next to a nation will claim that nation. The player will then load a pretender that he has created previously from the game tools menu.


The host will have the ability to set nations to AI control (by clicking on the text next to the nation to cycle through choices).


You can connect to a hosted game using the same computer that is doing the hosting. Just open another instance of the Dominions 5 application and join normally. Thus, the host machine can be used to play as well. The hosting instance of the application must always be running, though.


Note that because the network connection is (ultimately, even when using server names) to an IP address, a computer with a dynamic IP on a DSL or cable modem connection that has its address frequently renewed may become unreachable if players are not informed of the new IP address when it changes. Likewise, if the hosting computer is behind a firewall, the host will have to open the appropriate port (chosen above) to be directed to the host machine. Because there are so many possible configurations, players should be familiar with their networking setups to ensure that the port the game is using can be passed back and forth through any firewall. Only the port chosen in the Setup Dominions server screen needs to be forwarded – nothing else.


The three most common reasons for a player not being able to connect to a server game are (1) There is a firewall/routing problem on one end or the other; (2) The player and the server are running different versions (someone didn’t patch!), and; (3) the host computer is down.


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