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Dominions 5 – Recruiting Units


Recruiting Units

Recruiting units is the main method of adding troops to your armies. Recruitment is done per province, so as you capture provinces, you gain the ability to recruit new types of troops. In some coastal provinces, these troops may be amphibious.


● Each province has its own pool of units.

● Some national units can only be recruited in a nation’s capital

● Building a fort in a province adds a nation’s non-capital troops to that province’s pool.

● Gold and resources are spent to produce units.

● Some nations can recruit additional units outside their forts, depending on terrain




Recruitment Costs

Units have two costs: gold and resources. In the world of Dominions, a unit’s training is reflected in its gold cost, while its equipment requires the resources. Expect highly skilled units to cost a lot of gold, heavily equipped units to cost a lot of resources, and highly skilled, heavily equipped units to cost a fortune.


Sacred units also have a Holy point cost, which is always 1 per unit (including sacred commanders, which was not the case in Dominions 3).




Recruitment Restrictions

There are some restrictions not only on how many units of a type can be recruited in one turn, but how they can be queued as well.


Commanders: You can only recruit as many commanders in a province in a turn as you have available recruitment points. Commanders can cost more than one point.


Gold: Units may only be recruited up to the limit of that nation’s current treasury. Units cannot be queued up for the next turn based on gold cost.


Resources: Units may only be recruited in a province in a given turn based on that province’s current resources, but they may be queued for following turns. This makes it possible players to recruit units in provinces that don’t produce enough resources to fulfill that unit’s resource requirement in a single turn. Units that cannot be built in the current turn, but are in the queue, are dimmed in the recruitment area.


Holy: Sacred units can only be recruited up to the home province’s Holy limit, which is the same as the current maximum dominion. Units can be added to the queue beyond the Holy limit.


Limited: Some units may have a recruitment limít that only allows a certain number to be recruited per turn (e.g. maximum of 5 Troglodytes per turn, regardless of available gold or resources).


Units are recruited at the beginning of the turn resolution, so units in a province being attacked in the same turn they are recruited will fight to defend the province. If they are recruited in a fortress then they will stay in the fortress and become besieged.


Recruited units go into the unassigned unit pool of units at the top of the Army Setup screen.


Holding down [SHIFT] while selecting a unit for recruiting will choose ten of that unit. Up to 250 units may be queued in a province.


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