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Dominions 5 – Temples

27 November 2017, Monday, 19:58:32



Temples are the second of the three buildings you can construct in Dominions 5. Temples help you spread your dominion, either by directly inducing dominion spread [Exception: Mictlan, Early and Late Eras] or by providing a location for blood sacrifices. Temples also give priests a bonus when preaching.




A temple can only be built in a friendly province. If an enemy takes control of a province with another nation’s temple in it, the temple is immediately razed. If there was a temple in a province you captured, the razing will be reported in the turn’s events, along with the capture. Only one temple can exist in a province at a time. Temples cost 400 gold to build, although there are exceptions. Pangeaea and Marverni only pay half this cost for a temple, while Gath pays double.


Clicking on the Temple button on the lower right of the screen tells you how much dominion you spread each turn and how likely it is to be successful. This is broken down into the number of spread chances per month. Each temple can spread dominion, as can the pretender, prophet, and nation’s home province.



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