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Don’t Escape 1 Walkthrough

Don’t Escape 1 Walkthrough

Short and sweet. The one that started it all.


You woke up in a cabin. You’re a werewolf. You’ll turn tonight. People will die… unless you DON’T ESCAPE.


  • -Exit the house by clicking on the door.


  • -Pick up the ax and the logs.


  • -It’s a little dark, but on the lower right of the screen is a mushroom. It’s at the base of one of the sticks in the ground.


  • -If you look at the house, where the hay meets the wood, you’ll eventually spot a chain. Look for a silver rope-like object. Pick that up as well.


  • -Enter the house and close the door.


  • -Pick up the rope.


  • -Head left to a new screen.


  • -Pick up the herb in the middle of the screen.


  • -Use your new ax and chop the table to planks. Pick the planks up.


  • -Head left to a new screen.


  • -Click on the coat to get a silver key.


  • -Click under the bed to get a gold key.


  • -Close the window and lock it by clicking on the tiny latch.


  • -Place the planks in front of the window by using them on the window.


  • -On the left side of the screen, open the third drawer down to find a tinderbox. Pick it up.


  • -Go left to a new screen.


  • -Place the logs in the fireplace. Light the fireplace with the tinderbox.


  • -There’s a note on the table. While reading the note, you can click on the sheet of paper behind it to read another note.


  • -Stop reading the note and pick up the glass bottle.


  • -Click near the bottom of the screen to look at a trapdoor.


  • -Open the trapdoor. Pick up the spice and the meat and then leave the trapdoor screen.


  • -Place the herb, spice, and mushroom into the pot in the fireplace.


  • -Use the glass bottle on the pot to get a potion.


  • -Turn left.


  • -Lock the door with the silver key.


  • -Push the cabinet in front of the door by clicking the far left side of the cabinet.


  • -Turn left again.


  • -Pour the potion on the meat.


  • -Hang the meat on the hook.


  • -Use the gold key on the chest and open it.


  • -Clicking the chest will give you a hammer and nails.


  • -Turn left again.


  • -Use the hammer and nails on the planks by the window.


  • -Use the rope and chain on yourself. They should both have checkmarks.


  • -Finally, click the clock to end the day.


If all went well, you should have the best ending, ‘A Calm Night’.


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