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Dota Underlords – Synergies Tier List

24 June 2019, Monday, 7:46:11

Tier List – Synergies

S Tier 

  • -Hunters
  • -Warriors
  • -Mages


These synergies are often easy to get and often have a large impact in many games, with such a large increase to damage/tankiness that people often have trouble defeating them, especially when they have items to supplement them.



A Tier 

  • -Warlocks
  • -Knights
  • -Inventors
  • -Heartless
  • -Druids
  • -Demons
  • -Humans


Easily the most saturated tier of the lot, these synergies provide a lot of utility but have distinct counters that can completely ruin the game plan if you don’t get lucky on merges and items.



B Tier 

  • -Trolls
  • -Savage
  • -Scrappy
  • -Dragon
  • -Elusive


These combos are strong, but they don’t have enough of an impact on a game to win it outright, and are usually used to supplement more powerful combinations.



C Tier 

  • -Assassins
  • -Deadeye
  • -Primordial
  • -Scaled
  • -Shaman
  • -Brawny
  • -Bloodbound
  • -Demon-Hunter


These synergies while occasionally having strong units, are still not worth building around, as they either rely too heavily on items, cheap gimmicks or luck to succeed consistently.


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