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Dota Underlords – Best Alliances Guide

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Best Alliances

Knights are the undisputed meta-defining strategy right now and are quite prevalent even after the last nerf. The highest rated strategy is Knights + Dragons, but IMO after the slight nerf to Knights and to the DPS of Dragon Knight, Knights + Trolls edges it out – it’s a bit less reliable but with higher late-game potential. Moreover, don’t forget that it’s possible to get Knights + Trolls + Dragons if you reach lvl10. The only problem with a Knights comp is that Knight units are likely to be highly contested within the lobby. This might make finding upgrades for your e.g. DK or Troll Warlord very difficult, and if you’re unlucky you could easily lose to the other Knights and a well-upgraded Warriors and/or Hunters comp.



Hunters are in a good spot right now, especially with Warriors as a frontline. They have very high damage output and decent control coming from Medusa, Tide, and the utility Warriors – Kunkka and possibly Doom. You might have problems against a powerful Knights draft, but winning is definitely also possible. The Hunters + Elusive comp has lower scores, which makes sense because the elusive frontline gives tankiness but doesn’t give good control and utility like the Warrior frontline. A Knights + Hunters variation is also possible and is ranked quite highly, but it’s a bit awkward because Hunters work better with Warriors while Knights work better with Dragons and Trolls, so Knights + Hunters might be a bit over-rated.



Mages received a slight nerf, but their late-game potential is still very high. If you’re going for Mages you usually want to aim for the complete six-hero synergy, as (3) Mages aren’t enough to break Knights or (2) Scaled lineups. The problem with Mages is that they are much harder to make work than e.g. Knights, which gives Mage drafts a lower reliability score.



Warriors are a great comp, and usually, if you don’t go for Knights it’s your best bet to go for a Warriors opening. The reason is that you can choose to either transition into a Hunters or Mages comp, or commit to (6) Warriors with Trolls or Savages. The first option (Hunters & Mages) has the highest score and arguably highest late-game potential, but the other two are also strong and reliable and could get you a high spot in the lobby. Knights deal physical damage, so they have trouble against the high armor of (6) Warriors.



Elusive strategies are rather underrated by the community in my opinion. They had problems when facing the Mages meta, but now they are quite tanky against the physical damage of Dragons, Knights, Warriors, and even Hunters. Moreover, right now they won’t be contested so high star-level units are relatively easy to obtain. The problem of Elusive strats is that they lack damage. The (3) Hunters or (3) Assassins you can go for as a damage-dealing synergy are usually not enough against the very tanky Knights comps. Moreover, in the poll, Elusive + Assassins are higher rated than Elusive + Hunters, which is questionable because the Hunters variation is definitely better against Knights and Warriors.



Demons are quite fun and their late-game potential is good. The pure damage could even help you beat tanky lineups like Knights and Warriors. The problem is that Demons are very, very unreliable and more often than not you’ll get you killed early on if you try to force a Demons strat. If you get lucky, however, you can easily snatch 1st place in the lobby.



Assassins have a very simple problem – they are bad against Knights and Warriors, and it is very likely that half of your lobby will be going for these strategies in the current meta. Even though they are fun to play and could work well against drafts with squishy backlines (Mages, Hunters), it’s best to avoid them right now if you want to climb in rank. It’s worth mentioning that there are Big Boss palyers who believe Assassins are underrated right now.



Savages have a key problem – they are very item-reliant. E.g. if you get the Tooth and Nail global item and build a draft with enough sustain, you could beat even tanky strategies like Knights or Warriors. If you don’t, however, your damage output won’t be enough and the high tier strats will edge you out of the lobby. Still, Mages are not top tier in the meta right now, which makes Savages a bit better than they were before. It’s usually best to use them as a secondary synergy for Warriors.



Scrappy was a very unreliable strategy anyway because of the reliance on finding Techies, and in the last patch they got nerfed in a strange way (you want to have fewer units than your opponents, which is very counter-intuitive if you are pushing for levels in order to find Techies and riding an early-game winning streak). Their use in the current meta is to possibly get the (3) Scrappy bonus as a starter and quickly replace them with better synergies.


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