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Dota Underlords – How to Upgrade Heroes?

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How to Upgrade Heroes?

There are currently 60 Dota 2 heroes available in Dota Underlords. These heroes are split into five tiers, with players unlocking more powerful hero tiers as they level up within the game. Tiers one and two are early game heroes: their cheap cost and high appearance rate allows players to focus on combining their heroes and building towards archetypes that will counter their opponents. As the game progresses, players will need to shift their focus towards more powerful (and more expensive) heroes if they’re going to get the most out of their composition.


A hero will be instantly/automatically leveled up by merging three identical heroes when available. For example, to get a level two Beastmaster, a player needs to purchase three Beastmasters. To get a level three Beastmaster, a player must purchase three level two Beastmasters (or a total of nine Beastmasters throughout the game). Because your bench can only hold eight heroes and the heroes available for purchase are random, it can be difficult to reach upper levels for your army. You can get around this by recycling heroes you decide you don’t want (click and drag them from play to the trash can on the left side of the field). You can also pay two gold to shuffle new heroes in and increase your chances of finding the ones you want. Finally, if you can’t afford a hero you need who is available, you can lock your purchase pool until next round. This doesn’t cost anything, but it does prevent you from seeing any new heroes next purchase phase.


The list of heroes, their alliances and their ultimates follows. Each stat mentioned in these descriptions refers to their power level at [one star/two stars/three stars].


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