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Dota Underlords – Hunters Strategies Guide

Hunters Strategies

Hunters + Warriors was the first S-tier strategy before the Mage meta came. They have been nerfed since, but they never fell out of favor and pretty much stayed as 2nd best strategy since then. Hunters are the most reliable backline damage-dealing Alliance, and it works with all tanky Alliances for a frontline (Warriors, Elusive, Knights). Warriors, however, are the most synergistic frontline because of their perc (2 seconds of invulnerability before dying) and the high-utility units – Kunkka and Doom.





Units: Drow Ranger, Sniper, Medusa, Pudge, Kunkka, Doom


Synergies: (3) Hunters, (3) Warriors, (2) Heartless, (1) Demon


You start the with a (3) Warriors frontline + Drow. One of your Warriors needs to be Pudge for the Heartless armor reduction bonus. You usually want to replace your weaker Warriors with Kunkka and Doom, but it’s possible to keep high-level Warriors you are trying to get to three stars.


In the late game, you usually want to reach (6) Hunters. It’s the best option in terms of damage output and utility thanks to Medusa and hopefully Tide.


You have, however, the option to go for (6) Warriors if you are getting them a lot in the shop and you think you lack tankiness rather than damage.






Units: Treant Protector, Nature’s Prophet, Beastmaster, Windranger, Drow Ranger, Medusa, Mirana, Sniper


Synergies: (6) Hunters, (3) Elusive


You get (3) Elusive units fast and a high star-level Treant and Nature’s Prophet as a frontline. Since you have two Hunters who are also Elusive (Windranger and Mirana), it’s possible to reach the (6) Hunters bonus on lvl8 while keeping your (3) Elusive bonus.


The drawback of this variation is that it lacks the utility coming from the Warriors frontline. You don’t have Pudge to give you the (2) Heartless bonus from early on, and you don’t have Kunkka/Doom for great disables. That said, Knowing this strategy is useful. Out of an Elusive opening with Furion and Treant, you can decide whether to go for (6) Elusive (3) Hunters or (3) Elusive (6) Hunters, which could give you consistent results.


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