Dota Underlords – Items Tier List

Items Tier List

Once again, Rated per tier because some items would just not be worth it otherwise.



Tier 1 

  1. Embarrassment of riches
  2. Brooch of the martyr
  3. Soul Sucking Syphon
  4. Chainmail
  5. Blight Stone
  6. Unstable Reactor
  7. Claymore
  8. Vitality booster
  9. Strange Bedfellows
  10. Gloves of haste
  11. Cloak
  12. Boots of travel


Embarrassment of riches dominates this tier quite significantly, and really should be a tier 2 item, but this tier actually has a fair few strong items, and a fair few weaker ones. I personally rated strange bedfellows rather low because while it defines the demon-hunter synergy, the synergy itself is rather weak.




Tier 2 

  1. Smuggler
  2. Octarine Essence
  3. Blademail
  4. Silver Lining
  5. Mask of Madness
  6. Brooch of the Aggressor
  7. Forged in battle
  8. Aegis of the Immortal
  9. Arcane Boots
  10. Unstoppable
  11. Coordinated Assault
  12. Tooth and Claw
  13. Fall From Grace
  14. Completing the cycle
  15. Indomitable will
  16. Age of Chivalry
  17. Summoning Stone
  18. Blink Dagger


Again, anything that improves your chances of getting items or heroes you want are extremely powerful items, and while there a lot of powerful items on this tier, it also has 2 of the weakest in the game, in blink dagger and summoning stone.




Tier 3 

  1. A higher class of criminal
  2. Hunter’s Focus
  3. Check the bodies
  4. Eye of Skadi
  5. Sacred Relic
  6. Vanguard
  7. Mekanism
  8. Dragon’s Hoard
  9. Final Flash
  10. Wicked Intent
  11. Retaliate
  12. Skull Basher
  13. Elusive Targets
  14. Hood of Defiance
  15. Pocket Sand
  16. Font of creation
  17. Shaman Pluck


The top of each tier shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone. However, one item that i’ve rated mid-tier that should probably be higher is wicked intent, because by having 4 heartless (Which is made easier with fall from grace) should just completely negate enemy healing, making the warlock synergy completely useless, as well as a few other items and heroes.




Tier 4 

  1. Friends and Family Discount
  2. Black King Bar
  3. Refresher Orb
  4. Radiance
  5. Daedalus
  6. Moon shard
  7. Battlefury
  8. Dagon
  9. Maelstrom
  10. Vicious intent


If you get FaFD early, then you will save so much more money than everyone else in the game, almost guaranteeing a win. however, I recommend never picking up vicious intent, as by the time you can get it in the game, most people are gonna be on too low a health count for it to even matter, as you’d normally be able to kill them in 1-2 rounds anyways, and people who are falling behind can’t pick it up because they would need the other items to help them actually win rounds.




Tier 5 

  1. Expanded Roster
  2. Heart of Tarrasque
  3. Desperate measures
  4. Recruiter
  5. Assault Cuirass
  6. Shiva’s guard
  7. Bloodthorn
  8. Divine Rapier


Expanded Roster is easily the best item in all of underlords, as an 11th hero can either make an extra really strong synergy, or you can use a flex pick like Kunkka or Tidehunter to allow for massive CC in an otherwise less CC heavy roster.


Divine Rapier is more likely to throw a game than win it, so i consider it far too much a risk to try and use it.


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