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Dota Underlords – Knights Strategies Guide

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Assassins and Druids Build

The current meta-defining strat. Very tanky and very hard to counter. Your biggest problem is other Knights drafts as well as tanky Warrior lineups with good damage and sustain (usually from a Hunters backline). Knights should do well against everything else unless you are at an upgrade/level disadvantage.




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Units: Batrider, Luna, Chaos Knight, Omni Knight, Abaddon, Dragon Knight, Viper, Necrophos

Synergies: (6) Knights, (2) Dragons, (2) Humans, (2) Heartless, (1) Demon


The standard Knights strategy and the strategy with highest overall rating from the community poll. (6) Knights is incredibly tanky and Dragon Knight with the Dragons synergy is a great damage-dealer.


Going for the strategy is quite simple – you buy all available Knights. CK and Luna will carry you in the early and mid-game, DK in the late game.


Arguably, the Troll variation has a higher late-game ceiling, but the Dragons variation is simpler and more reliable.





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Units: Batrider, Chaos Knight, Abaddon, Omni Knight, Witch Doctor, Troll Warlord, Shadow Shaman, Necrophos

Synergies: (4) Knights, (4) Trolls, (2) Heartless, (2) Warlocks, (1) Demon


The second highest-rated Knights strat, and in my opinion after the last update the best variation of the Knights strategy. It’s a bit less reliable because getting the (4) Trolls is more difficult, but the late-game potential should be higher because the (4) Trolls attack speed bonus solves the damage problem of Knights.



In the late game, you have a few choices:


  • -You can go for (6) Knights + possibly Dragons.


  • -You can go for (4) Warlocks with Enigma to out-last other tanky lineups (great vs Knights or (6) Warriors).


  • -You can go for Heartless to maximize your damage output.





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Units: Chaos Knight, Omni Knight, Abaddon, Luna, Drow Ranger, Medusa, Windranger

Synergies: (4) Knights, (3) Hunters, (2) Heartless, (1) Demon


The weakest strat out of the standard Knights strategies, but still quite decent. It’s strong in the mid game – as you can see the draft matures with 7 units and has the Hunters + Heartless to compensate for the lack of damage of Knights.


The problem comes in the late game – it’s possible to complete (6) Hunters, but you need lvl10, which is a bit ambitious and unreliable. Your other options are to go for other synergies like Heartless or to simply get to (6) Knights on lvl9 + possibly Dragons on lvl10. Drow will buff the attack speed of your DK and Luna, which is quite strong.


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