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Dota Underlords – The Beginner’s Guide to Game Mechanics

– Eight players enter the game space, and each player has a “chessboard” on which they can place their units. All actions will take place on this board.



– At the beginning of each round, players will be presented with a selection of random heroes that they can buy in the store for gold. Any acquired units will fall on the “bench” at the bottom of the screen.



– Units can then be dragged from the bench to the board. When the fighting rounds begin, these units automatically attack their opposite numbers.



– In the first three rounds of each match will always fight against “creeps” or AI units. Their main goal is to give you some gold and start building a team. As soon as these rounds are over, you will meet other real players.



– Through certain intervals in the match you will encounter stronger creep waves. Defeat them and you will get a choice between three different items. Lose, and you only get one.



– At the end of each round, you will receive experience and money depending on how well you performed. You will use gold to buy units or upgrade your character.



– EXP increases the level of your character, which, in turn, increases the number of units that you can put on the board, as well as the opportunity to meet more expensive units in the store.



– Since the players are beaten in separate rounds, they will slowly fall out of the run. This is a smart approach to composition and saving your team to increase your chances of becoming the last person on your feet.



– In essence, your goal is to create a strong team and survive the confrontation, winning rounds and wisely spending your gold and experience.



– Chess pieces – or heroes – have passive or active abilities. The active ability is used when the character’s mana bar is full and gains mana when attacking an enemy. Some shapes restore mana faster than others, so keep this in mind. Some items can also speed up mana regeneration and increase the number of active abilities used.



– Chess pieces can also be combined and improved. If you buy three identical items, they will be updated automatically. To create a two-star unit, you will need three one-star units. To create a three-star unit (top level), you will need three two-star units.



– Each chess piece belongs to two or three different alliances. Place on the board two or more units of the same Alliance, and this will provide a bonus.



– The level of your character determines how many chess pieces you can place on the board. Do not neglect this! There is a serious advantage that can be gained by having one more chess piece on the board than your opponents.



– For the correct placement of figures you will succeed! Try to arrange the numbers correctly so that those who have a lot of health and close combat are closer to the enemy, and those who are weaker on the CP and fight long distances behind.


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