Dota Underlords – Warriors and Hunters Build


Warriors and Hunters Build

This is one of the most flexible builds to go for. It relies on the defense of Warriors with the damage from Hunters. You need nine heroes for this, and you can either go six Warriors and three hunters for a defense-heavy build or six Hunters and three warriors for an attack-heavy build. We recommend the latter.



Core heroes

  • -Kunkka (Warrior/Human)


  • -Pudge (Warrior/Heartless)


  • -Doom (Warrior/Demon)


  • -Tidehunter (Hunter/Scaled)


  • -Medusa (Hunter/Scaled)


  • -Windranger (Hunter/Elusive)


  • -Sniper (Hunter/Deadeye)


  • -Drow Ranger (Hunter/Heartless)


  • -Mirana (Hunter/Elusive)



Active Alliance bonuses

  • -Six Hunters (All Hunters have a 35% chance of quickly performing 2 attacks.)


  • -Three Warriors (All Warriors gain +10 Armor.)


  • -Two Heartless (All Enemies suffer -5 Armor.)


  • -Two Scaled (Allies gain +30% Magic Resistance.)


  • -One Demon (All Demon units gain +50% Pure Damage. Active when you have only one type of Demon unit on the board.)



Support heroes

  • -Templar Assassin for Elusive bonus.


  • -Lycan/Omniknight for Human bonus (or additional Heartless bonus if using Fall from Grace.)



Variation: Sometimes also works with six warriors, four trolls.


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