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DRAGON BALL FighterZ – Basic Game Controls (PS4, Xbox One)

21 January 2018, Sunday, 15:04:49


PS4 & Xbox One Controls

This article lists the default game controls for DRAGON BALL FighterZ on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



Attack PS4 Xbox One
Light Attack (L) Square X
Medium Attack (M) Triangle Y
Heavy Attack (H) Circle B
Special Attack (S) X A
Assist 1 (A1) L1 LB
Assist 2 (A2) L2 LT
Dragon Rush (Throw) X + Circle A + B
Ki Charge X + Square A + X
Sparking Blast X + Circle + Square + Triangle A + B + X + Y
Super Dash Square + Triangle X + Y
Vanish Triangle + Circle Y + B


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