Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 Cheats


Play as Black

At the character selection screen, press Down while scrolling through the characters to find Black. He appears after Akuma.



Play as DB Super Future Trunks

Successfully complete Story mode to unlock DB Super Future Trunks.



Play as Super Saiyan (“Awoken” skill)

Reach Level 30 and train with Vegeta at the Capsule Corporation to eventually unlock Super Saiyan around Level 40.

Successfully complete some story missions and reach Level 30 to unlock an event at Capsule Corporation with Vegeta. Complete the sparing mission with Vegeta. Complete some more story missions until you reach Level 40 and unlock the Kid Buu battle story mission. After defeating Kid Buu, while Goku is charging his spirit bomb, there will be another event with Vegeta at Capsule Corporation. Complete the mission with Vegeta, then talk to Bulma, then Trunks, then go back to Vegeta for the final battle between Goku, Vegeta, and your character. They will then teach you the “Awoken” skill, allowing you to use Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, and Super Saiyan 3.



Gold Form

Train on Frieza’s Spaceship. Start training with Zarbon, then move to Ginyu, Golden Frieza, and Meta-Cooler to unlock Gold Form.



Frieza’s Spaceship

To enter Frieza’s Spaceship, reach Level 20 and give Appule a Med-Mix Capsule.



Unlock “Unknown History” secret mission and ending

After completing the “Warrior From The Demon World” Time Vault chapter and viewing the normal ending sequence, the story completion (under player stats) will still not display at 100%. That is because there is another secret mission called “Unknown History”. To unlock it, you must complete a series of quest lines in the five Time Rifts (the large flying objects over Conton City) to get five Distorted Time Eggs. Give the eggs to the Supreme Kai near the Time Vault, then speak to Trunks. Here are all 5 Quest Lines in detail. If you cannot progress in a quest line, it is because your power level is too low or you need to wait between fights and do something else. It is recommended you are around Level 75 when attempting all of this. Successfully complete the indicated tasks to earn all five Time Eggs:



1. Hercule’s House: Complete all six Sayamen quests in Hercule’s House. When you enter the house area, turn right to find them in the courtyard. If they are not there, you must talk to them in the Resort District/Kame House first. You can ignore Hercule’s quests, as only the Saiyamen quests matter.



2. Capsule Corporation: Complete all four Vegeta fights. He is standing in the left side of the area. If he does not offer you a fight, your level is too low and you must gain a higher level.



3. Guru’s House: Defend Guru’s house ten times (complete ten of Nail’s quest in the House area). After accepting the first quest in this area, you will sometimes see a notification in the top right corner of the screen that the house is under attack. When this happens, Nail will offer you a new quest there. In those quests, you must collect some Dragon Balls. There are six parts to the quest. After completing all six, they reset to Part 1. You must keep doing these quests until a total of ten have been completed. Then, speak to Guru for him to power up your Shenron Wishes.



4. Majin Buu’s House: Feed Buu until he has six children.



5. Frieza’s Spaceship: Complete all 17 quests in Frieza’s Spaceship. Some of the quests will not appear right away and you must leave. Let some time go by and complete some other fights (for example, Parallel quests). After a few other fights, you should see a notification in the top right corner that a new mission is available in the spaceship. You also need to have a higher power level before some quests become available.




Unknown History” secret ending and True Final Boss fight walkthrough

Unlock the “Unknown History” secret mission. During the mission, you will fight as Bardock vs. Mira. Afterwards, Trunks will visit Gohan and they fight Android 17 and Android 18 to alter history for a safer future. Complete the secret mission to view the hidden ending and unlock the “Defiance In The Face Of Despair!!” achievement.




Infinite Dragon Balls

Dragon Balls are the most useful and iconic item in the game. There are seven of them in total. Once you have found all seven, Shenron can be summoned at the Dragon Ball Pedestal. He will grant you a wish. You will get the “I Summon You Forth: Shenron!” achievement for making a wish. You need to do this several times to unlock all characters in the game. Always wish for a new playable character to unlock them all and get the “I’ve Come For You!” achievement. Use the following method to get Dragon Balls easily:


1. Play Parallel Quest #04: “Prepare For The Attack Of Saiyans!”


2. Defeat the first three enemies as quickly as possible.


3. A portal will appear, and shortly afterwards a group of Time Patrollers will spawn. Stay in the starting area; do not go through portal yet.


4. Challenge the Time Patrollers to a fight and defeat them. Time Patrollers always drop one of three item types: materials, equipment, and key items. Look for key items, as they are always Dragon Balls. It will display the type of drop at the bottom of the screen. If you get a key item, finish the quest. If you do not get a key item, immediately restart the quest and try again.


This method allows you to get one Dragon Ball approximately every three playthroughs — roughly one every five minutes. You should be able to farm all seven Dragon Balls within 30-60 minutes. It works online and offline.



Easy food for Majin Buu

Feeding Majin Buu at his house will make him bear children. You gain access to this area after making some progress in the story. When he has six children, he will give you a Distorted Time Egg, which is needed for the secret ending and to reach 100% completion for the story. Feeding his children can also provide some nice rewards, such as new clothing and Super Souls. Feed a child multiple times for him or her to change colors and unlock an achievement. You get food from collecting Blue Orbs in Canton City. Collect some Blue Orbs, then complete one fight for everything to respawn. Repeat this as many times as desired.


All Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 cheats and codes provided by Cheat Code Central.”

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