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Dragon Cliff – General FAQ

21 May 2018, Monday, 12:35:15

General FAQ

How do I dismiss adventurers?

There is a red cross button in Adventurer Panel that can dismiss your existing adventurers and get 70% practice points back.



Is there a way to enchant/reforge items currently equipped on adventurers?

Yes. In Furnace page, there is a ‘Hero’ tab on the left, and you’ll be able to do it from there.



Are there micro-transactions in Dragon Cliff?




Is there Offline Progression system in Dragon Cliff?




When a ring has a “when kills an enemy” buff on it, is that kill character specific? Will the ring trigger if someone else gets the kill?

Only wearer of the ring can trigger this effect.



How do you ignite fireseeds?

When adventurer has ‘Fire Element Effect’ unlocked and deals direct fire damage (skill/splash/stray) on targets with Fire Seeds.



How do you actually get to “Hard Mode” I beat the main quest line.

Go back to the main menu, go to Start game and then select ‘Difficult’ before continuing.



Can clear fire seed mechanic please? Especially what stats are used in calculation – output, crit chance, crit damage rate, enchanced fire damage?
1. When I do just fire damage and seed planted?
2. When I use Fire Assssn tactic passive and seed is planted?
3. When I ignite planted fire seed by some direct fire damage?
4. Also is there a difference when I igine by usual skill or extra damage aoe from gear?

1) Damage value is only effected by Final Fire Damage dealt.
2) Damage value is only effected by Output Capacity.
3) Final damage is only effected by fire seed damage, and damage type is fire so it will be reduced by fire resistance, etc.
4) No


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