DRAGON QUEST® XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age™ – Locked Door Locations

Locked Door Locations

➀ The Battlegrounds

The Holiest Harp Side Quest (from Havens Above)
The Way of the War Goddess Recipes
Chunk of Densinium (mining)
Chunk of Orichalcum (mining)
Dracolyte (mining)




➁ The Cryptic Crypt – Cell Block (Dungeon)

Field Manual Recipes
Metal King Jacket
Malicious Pandora’s Box (Seed of Skill)



➂ Gallopolis – Well

Fire Ball



➃ Gondolia 

Agate of Evolution
Mini Medal
Sprig of Pretty Betsy
50,000 Gold Coins



➄ Heliodor Dungeons – Lower Level

King of the Swindlers Recipes
Skull Helm



➅ Insula Incognita (Island)

Gifts from the Goddess Recipes



➆ Insula Occidentalis (Island)

Metal King Armour



➇ Insula Orientalis (Island)

Circles of Life Recipes



➈ Phnom Nonh

Gold Bar



➉ Puerto Valor

Piece of Technicolour Dreamcloth



➀➀ Sniflheim Castle – Basement

Badges of Honour Recipes



➀➁ Champs Sauvage – Whale Way Station

Mini Medals x3



➀➂ The Hotto Steppe – Northern Whale Way Station

Sizzling Styles Recpies



➀➃ Manglegrove – Whale Way Station

Chronocrystal x3



➀➄ Sniflheim – Whale Way Station

Sage Advice Recipe


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