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Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen – Sorcerer Skills

Sorcerer Skills

The Sorcerer’s Archistaff has access to just about every offensive spell in the Mage’s spellbook, but none of the curative spells:


  • -Ingle


  • -Frazil


  • -Levin


  • -All boons/affinity spells


  • -Blearing


  • -Silentium


  • -Comtesion


  • -Frigor


  • -Brontide



Miasma ★★★☆ – Creates a cloud of poisoning mist, proving useful against most living creatures. Miasma counts as a dark spell, capable of damaging even some enemies immune to poison. Its comparative speed makes it an overall useful defensive skill, providing buffer space to punish enemies that get near you.



Lassitude ★★★★ – Lingering as a floating cloud of slow, Lassitude is one of the most useful debuffs in the game, applying torpor to all who enter its grasp. It can both drag mobs of small enemies to a crawl, as well as punishing larger monsters that stand in the cloud for too long. Perfect setup for most of the other high-tier spells that Sorcerer gets, and you can, and should, cancel out of its long after-spell animation with a jump. (Incidentally, however, managing to get a rusted archistaff and upgrading it will work much faster than this spell can, and with no stamina cost either.)



Necromancy ★★★☆ – A somewhat slow cast brings forth one of the only direct-damage dark attacks in the game, causing a series of skulls to hover around you. These skulls, as soon as an enemy shows up, will fly out and scream at foes to damage and stun them, dealing dark damage. Excellent against those who are weak to dark damage, as well as various flyers. Decent for making a slight opening as well. Its main use, with the passive effect, is to provide some defense for your sorcerer.



Voidspell ★★★☆ – Paired up with Halidom, the Mage and Sorcerer have separate spells that can cure nearly all possible debilitations, as voidspell can restore reduced stats and even clear out petrification. It benefits from an extremely fast cast-time as well. Of note, though, it apparently can cure enemies affected by these debilitations as well.



Exeqy ★★★☆ – Creates a long-ranged, red sigil that can kill any enemy if they spend enough time in it… The one problem is that the sigil needs to stay on them, and during this period, you will be losing stamina. The exact amount of time needed to get Exeqy to trigger is related to the health of the target you’re trying to kill, and your magickal attack power. Once upgraded, it’s viciously effective at clearing out mobs of weak enemies. It’s also notable for ignoring many normal magick resistances, capable of even vaporizing golems if executed correctly.



Petrification ★★☆☆ – Much like the other debilitating effects, this creates a fog that enemies, if they spend time in, will suffer the corresponding effect. Unfortunately, Petrification isn’t effective on most large enemies, limiting its usefulness as an easy way out to destroy mobs of small monsters trying to get at you.



Bolide ★★★☆ – The ultimate Fire spell, Bolide summons meteors to rain down from above, striking enemies periodically over time. Its delayed effect and lack of specific range mean you can use this spell from comparative safety, but its detonation upon hitting the ground with each meteor means it’s not terribly effective if enemies are airborne.



Gicel ★★★★ – The final Ice spell summons tall, twisting spires of ice to impale enemies from a distance, like some crazy ice tree that erupts in front of you. It’s pretty directly much like a stronger, slower version of Frigor, but it often extends well far enough to reach flying targets.



Fulmination ★★★★ This final Electrical spell raises your staff aloft, creating a ring of electrifying energy. Pressing either of the attack buttons will raise it even further, enabling you to electrify your allies, causing the energy to emanate from them. Closely-bunched allies climbing all over your enemy will do disastrous damage in this situation. The one downside is that it’s a combination of a channeled cast as well as a maintain with slow movement, making the caster fairly vulnerable while the spell is active.



Seism ★★☆☆ – This special, high-level spell is of a Holy element, and causes an earthquake around you. On the player, aiming this spell is almost impossible, but pawns can use it effectively. In player practice, it’s usually nearly a point-blank spell, meaning you’ll need to be in the thick of combat to get it off… Not exactly optimal for a sorcerer.



Maelstom ★★★★ – The special high-level Darkness spell… And I love it. This bad boy calls forth a gigantic, aimable tornado that will suck most enemies in and just throw their corpses into the air repeatedly. If you get this spell off on anything that isn’t darkness resistant (and isn’t huge), it’s game over for them. The one big downside (besides extreme stamina cost) is that it also has a very long post-cast period where you need to stand still unless you take a hit. Also, standing right next to your tornado will blind you while it’s nearby… As a note, that’s a good reason not to give this to your pawns if you’re a melee vocation, because that’s going to make an arisen’s job of being able to see things really difficult.


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