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Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator – Brian’s Ending and Amanda’s Good Ending

21 July 2017, Friday, 12:01:22


Brian’s Ending and Amanda’s Good Ending

• Wake up
• Your mother and I
• Steal people’s pets
• Adopted daughter
• Multiple places to sleep
• Dogs in the park
• I like your necktie
• Impart your wisdom, tiny dog
• How long do I have left?
• I catch it with my teeth next time (Brian likes this)
• Minigame with Brian: Don’t choose the bandaid you’ll lose points, not sure it’s possible to beat him.
• Coffeeshop
• GodSpeed you! Black coffee (Mat likes this)
• Grateful (Banana) Bread (Mat doesn’t like this)
• Unpacking
• Joseph probably wants his plate back
• Rest eyes
• Mayor of the town
• Watch….the game?
• Buy Mary a drink
• Latest gossip
• Like shots
• Rugged good looks (Robert likes this)
• Kicked out of house
• Lay it on smooth
• No
• Resigned side-eye
• Just moved (At the end of this conversation, PC asks if they ever caught that rye and Hugo likes it)
• Make something at home
• Check on bacon
• Desfenerate
• Dicomborlated
• Excited to beef up my grilling skills
• Mat, Hugo and Craig
• Listen on Mat and Hugo
• Subjective
• Joseph and Damien
• Robert and Brian
• Networking event
• Work on some stuff
• Scared
• Worked up/freaked out
• Dad puns
• A boat
• Strong dad arms
• President of space
• LaserDisc
• Puzzle
• Phone, keys, wallets
• Proud of child
• Brian
• Talking about?
• Common goal
• Avast ye!
• Depends what’s on the table (Brian likes this)
• Pirate Golf game (requires good understanding of angles, didn’t win)
• Valiantly (Brian Likes this)
• Ask about his daughter (Brian likes this)
• Ask about dog (Brian likes this)
• Out-fish me (Brian likes this)
• I’m reel excited (Brian likes this)


• Brian on Dadbook
• Save me (Brian likes this)
• Bait (Brian likes this)
• Knot (Brian likes this)
• Fishing game (actually did well, only can move fish one square and must match 3 of a kind or more)
• Stick towards woods (Brian likes this)
• Belly rubs (Brian likes this)


• Something happen?
• Must have happened
• Best Friend (Amanda’s best friend is Emma R.)
• Gossipy one
• Emma R. say
• Cannot believe
• It’s not dumb
• Real Friends
• Brian
• I’m sure
• Skeeball game (Actually pretty easy, I ended up with 300 more points than him)
• Be cool
• Be honest with Brian (Brian likes this)
• Super easy fishing game (it’s literally 1 match)


You can also get these achievements;
Soft Boy
Go on all Brian dates.

Welcome to the Neighborhood!
Successfully complete chapter one.

World’s Best Dad
Get good Amanda ending.

Bad Dad
Slept with Robert on the first night.

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Name : Patrick | Comment Date : July 21st, 2017

It is possible to win the minigame in the park! Contiuously brag except once when you use the drawing. End on a brag. Brian will lose graciously and piss you off about being such a good loser.

Name : frank | Comment Date : August 11th, 2017

choosing between having a wife and husband doesn’t effect whether you get her good or bad ending…

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