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Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator – Craig and Robert Walkthrough

21 July 2017, Friday, 13:56:07



1st Date
It doesnt matter what you choose with your daughter (for Craig atleast). Its when you get on field at late hour is when it starts.
-The order you ask him about stuff doesnt really matter, but you have to ask everything. If you are curious, I asked in order: kids, softball, business.
-The right person will come alone eventually.
-I mean…




2nd date
You can choose whatever many ughs you want (: The detective time is where it counts.
-This is the order I made it.
-Go to playground
-Look for clues
-Interrogate Joseph
-That sounds a little suspect, Joseph
-No (yes)
-Try to calm River down
-Move to another part of the park
-Go to the field
-Mat and Carmensita
-Check out those squirreles.
-The tree
-Look for clues
-Interrogate River
-Good cop
-Move to another part of the park
-Go to the woods
-Look for clues
-Interrogate Robert
-Be bad cop
-Go deeper into the woods
-Grimy brunch
-Gotta threat yourself


3rd date
-Such a gentleman
-There won’t be
-Look at Craig’s butt
-Let’s put on a show
-Dunk him
-I dunno if matters much how many time you do it, but I just did until -he said he is done.
-I’ll race you to the top
-Go overboard with compliments
-Hell yeah, bro
Doing this got me sexy times on 3rd date and kisses in epilogue. Looks pretty “good end” to me.


There are sometimes two options that give most affection, I underlined the ones I choosed.





1st date
I dont know if 1st choices even matter since they dont give you any affection.
-Okay I gone here with “I’m just chilling”, but “Just working on my motorcycle” gets you few more replies
-Whiskey, straight up
-Whiskey hasnt failed me yet
-You with the feds?
-Could you get the next round?
-You know it!
I’m sorry | This one’s for you, Pappy
-Of course
-You betcha
-Thanks for defending my honor


2nd date
-Hoist that Rag, baby
-Say nothing
-Play along
-You’re lying
I’m glade you told me | Maybe we deserve to eaten by Dover Ghost


3rd date
-To you
-He’d never convince the jury
-80’s reference
-Go with something I know
-Travelling grifter
-Working a couple short cons
-Daniel McSturgiss
-Ecclesiastes 12:7
-Paranormal Excursions of the Supernatural: Ice Road Ghost Truckers
-You trying to poison me?
-Push it
-Tell him what he needs to hear

We get emotional talks at 3rd date, kisses and hopes at epilogue. P’sure that’s why they made sexy times at 1st day.

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