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Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator – Introductions Guide

28 July 2017, Friday, 12:33:14


Introductions Guide

Day 1

Meeting everyone on the first 3 days.


Meeting Joseph – Unpack

No choices

Give back plate


Meeting Matt – Have some Coffee

Drink choices:
Godspeed You! Black Coffee – Like
Iced Teagan and Sara – Like
Chai Antwoord – Like

Name that Banana Bread:
Banana Bread Kennedys – Like
Grateful (Banana) Bread – Dislike
Right Said Banana Bread – Love


Meeting Brian – Walk in the Park

Catching the Frisbee:
Well, traditionally you’re not supposed to aim for peoples’ heads – Neutral
It’s a new technique – Love
I’ll catch it with my teeth next time – Love

Brag Battle:
Grade Card
Child Art


Meeting Craig – Take a Nap

No choices


Meeting Robert – Go Out and Watch… The Game

I like shots. – Neutral
I love shots. – Like
Ooh, Shots fired. I don’t like ’em. – Dislike

Compliment his Cool Leather Jacket. – Neutral
Compliment his rugged good looks. – Like
Compliment his hand tattoo. – Dislike

Why’re you here:
My daughter kicked me out of the house. – Neutral
Running from my problems. – Like
Trying to make friends. – Neutral

Wanna come inside?:
Yes-No – No Craig scene and less points with Robert (+achievement)
No or Yes-Yes – Meet Craig in the morning


Day 2
Craig – To the Gym

You ready?:
Gotta stay posi, dude. – Neutral
With your help, I am. – Like
H E L P – Dislike

What’s he doing?:
Training to crush people’s skulls with his thighs. – Love
Using a medieval torture device. – Neutral
Praying to some sort of Pray God. – Neutral

I love learning. – Neutral
I try to live my life as close to a Jimmy Buffett song as possible. – Neutral
I check out my hot bod. – Like


Meeting Hugo – School

Problems at home?
We just moved… – Neutral
She’s fine. – Dislike
She has a tendency to bottle things up. – Neutral


Meeting Damien – Go to The Mall Food Court

No choices



Day 3
Meet everyone, who you’ve have or have not met decide the dialouge.
Talk to Dads before Burger Time

And that is the introductions, enjoy the rest of the game!

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