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Dungeons 3 Cheat Codes

14 October 2017, Saturday, 17:05:02


Cheat Codes

Follow these steps to enable the cheat console in Dungeons 3.

1-) Locate the game’s main folder.


(for example: C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Kalypso Media\Dungeons 3\)

Note: To find it easier – Hit the windows key and search %appdata% then navigate to ./Kalypso Media\Dungeons 3\config.cfg



2-) In this directory there is a document config.cfg. Open this file with Notepad and add the following entry:

Debug.EnableCheats = True

This will enable the cheat console.


3-) Press ` or ~ tilde (the key above TAB) in game to bring up the cheat menu.


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