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Dungeons Forever – Traps

6 February 2018, Tuesday, 1:47:06



There are various traps in this game – here is a list of them all!




It is a spike that kills you when touched. Nothing else really to it.


Drop Spike

There are falling spikes which when 1 block away or under it, will fall down very quickly and crush anybody below it. It is possible to run quickly through a falling spike without dying. A falling spike can also kill an enemy if its hit by one.



Lava does what its supposed to – it is a block that will fry you when touched.



This thing is a block full of spikes that will go up and down the screen. Just like that. Forever. The whole dungeon.



A cannon that fires every 2.5 seconds. It does not fire too quickly but it is a little quick. There is also a vertical variation of the cannon.


Flame A & Flame B

These are little flamethrowers that will spray fire every 2.5 seconds. Flame A sprays fire first, then Flame B will spray fire. All the same speed in a pattern.



A gun that when your in front of, will fire a bullet thats extremely quick. It can only fire on bullet at a time though, so make it shoot one bullet before running through.



A block that when touched, will crumble and disappear. After a few seconds, it’ll appear again.


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