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DUSK Cheat Codes

12 January 2018, Friday, 0:14:34


PC Cheat Codes

While playing, type any of these codes and have a blast.



Cheat CodeEffect

NBKFA – Gives you all the weapons in the game, as well as all the keys.
NBHOT – Toggle “time moves when you move”
NBKEYS – Gives all keys
NBDEITY – Toggle god mode
NBDEATHLESS – Give health and morale
NBSHOOTERS – Give weapons
NBSPODER – Toggle “climb anything”
NBREGULARFINGERS – Reset weapon fire rate to normal speed
NBFASTFINGERS – Double current weapon fire rate (can be used multiple times for insane results!)
NBREFLECT – Toggle mirror mode
NBFROG – Increase current jump height (can be used multiple times for insane results!)
NBMAN – Reset jump height to normal
NBGOTTA – Toggle faster/normal movement speed
NBWOOHOO – Toggle how quickly time passes
NBPONCHO – Toggle lava damage


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