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DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 – How to Change to Chinese Voices

15 February 2018, Thursday, 2:16:44


How to Change to Chinese Voices

DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 is a very talkative game, and while the English voice dub seems to be more than adequate, some players may prefer to enjoy the story with the original Chinese voices. The good news is, you can do that if that’s your preference.




Type “regedit” in your windows search bar to open the Registry Editor
-> Find “HKEY-USERS/S-1-5-21-….”
-> Find “SOFTWARE/KoeiTecmo/Dynasty Warriors9/Grapfic Setting”.
-> Find “language voice”, open it and change its value to 2. Then you will get a nice chinese voiceover.
-> If you want to change your interface/subtitles to Chinese, find “language” in the same folder and open it, change value to 5.


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