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Dyson Sphere Program Controls / Hotkeys

Controls / Hotkeys


Move Forward – W

Move Back – S

Move Left – A

Move Right – D

Move to Target – Right Mouse Button

Give Multiple Commands – Shift + Right Mouse Button

Gathering – Right Mouse Button

Jump – Space

Take Off – Double Click Space

Flying Up – Space or Up Arrow

Flying Down – ALT or Down Arrow

Sail Fly Left – Q or Left Arrow

Sail Fly Right – R or Right Arrow

Sailing Mode Acceleration – Shift

Sail ModeUnlock/Lock Cursor – TAB

Activate Warp – Capslock

Confirm Build – Left Mouse Button or Enter

Copy Selected Build – Shift + Left Mouse Button

Close Panel – Escape

Open Inventory – E

Open Replicator – F

Open Mecha Panel – C

Open Guidebook – G

Open Statistics Panel – P

Open Technology Tree – T

Open Details Display – H

Open Planet View – M

Lock the Camera to the North Pole – N

Open Starmap – V

Open Dyson Sphere – Y

Open Game Menu – ESC

Camera Rotation – Middle Mouse Button Drag

Camera Zoom & Out – Mouse Wheel

Enter Construction Mode – B

Enter Demolition Mode – X

God Construction Mode mech move – Shift

Rotate The Building Clockwise – R

Take Items – Left Mouse Button

Split Items – Right Mouse Button Drag

Transfer All Items – Ctrl + Left Mouse Button

Take Any Number Items of The Same Type – Ctrl +Right Mouse Button Drag

Hide UI – F11

Display FPS – Shift + F12


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