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EA Sports UFC 3 Tips & Tricks

3 February 2018, Saturday, 0:31:48


Tips & Tricks

-When attacking the body to drain your opponent’s long term stamina, you will have a bigger impact if you land the strike when your opponent is low on current stamina. For example, fire off a body kick immediately after they have finished a combo.



-You lose more long term stamina when you perform actions as lower current stamina. Maximizing long term stamina efficiency means always striking from 100% current stamina. Choose to break from that at opportune moments, not as a general practice.



-Body punches have duck evasion so straights and hooks will miss them. Intercept them with uppercuts. You’ll stop them and deal extra damage. EXCEPT for the lead body hook! It has side evasion. You need to stop it with a hook.



-Uppercuts to the head are immune to stun frames from body punches. If someone is spamming to the body, calmly fire off an uppercut. You may eat the first body punch, but the uppercut should make them think twice.



-Advanced back lunge is L1/LT + right stick away from your opponent. This technique gives you evasion, costing your opponent stamina, and giving you an opportunity to counter into vulnerability.



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