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Earthfall – Weapons Guide

13 July 2018, Friday, 7:51:03



Here is a list of guns available.




* Berg 930 Shotgun 10/50
* EF18 Auto Shotgun 14/56
* AK67 Assault Rifle 40/160
* AK47 Assault Rifle 40/160
* Combat CVA Rifle (Burst) 30/120
* Glintec Sniper Rifle 20/80
* MP5x SMG 60/300




* SW22a pistol, picking up a second will dual wield
* Vendetta, high damage pistol, also dual wieldable



Only some of the primary weapons can be 3D printed, including:

* Berg 930 Shotgun
* EF18 Auto Shotgun
* AK67 Assault Rifle
* MP5x SMG
* Combat CVA Rifle



The other primary weapons can’t be 3D printed, but replenishing ammo from an ammo box will work for these weapons. Note that ammo boxes can only be used 4 times (by any character), and after the 4th use it will disappear and not respawn. Ideally, and if possible, any characters that pickup and choose to use the non-printable weapons should be the only ones using ammo boxes. This is because when you 3D print a gun, it comes with full ammo, therefore there is no actual need to use ammo boxes and would be considered a waste.




Here is a list of melee weapons:

* Combat/Fire Axe
* Utilishovel
* Machete



Pressing Q will also shove an alien, giving some space between them as well as knocking off Threshers when they have someone pinned. If you’re carrying something you can sometimes also use that thing to shove as well.




The grenades slot is mainly used for frag grenades, as these are the more common item for this slot, but there are other items available that will fill this slot up.

* Frag Grenades – Timed fuse, they don’t travel too far but explode on a timer

* Napalm – Can be thrown like grenades but explode on impact into napalm fire

* Landmines – will explode once an alien moves near it, proximity based

* Arc Grenades – electricity based, they stay for a set time, can be 3D printed in certain maps

* Bait-Nade – a form of bait that attracts enemies, ending in an explosion for those around it


These are available around the map, they don’t respawn and refilling ammo will not replenish them. They also can’t be 3D printed, apart from the Arc grenade. Best used for large groups of aliens.



Special Weapons

The special weapons are rare, they can be picked up and used but can never be reloaded. They can’t be 3D printed, and repleninishing ammo will not refill the special weapons, it’s a once off use only.

* Reaper – Flamethrower 160 fuel

* Harbinger – Chaingun 300 bullets

* Valkyrie – Vaporiser 50 ammo



On top of this, around the maps you will see some explosives:

* White Gas Bottles

These can be picked up using E, thrown around and when shot, they will explode, causing damage to anyone nearby. Note they are very light, and can even be thrown to a higher platform in some cases.



* Red Oil Barrels

These can’t be picked up, but if you shoot these they will explode just like a white gas bottle.



* Fire Extinguishers

These can be picked up and thrown, and when shot fly around a bit and then explode. Inaccurate but fun.



A unique special weapon is the red mounted gun turret. This can be picked up and carried, and placed anywhere you like on the map. Once deployed, press E to mount it and you have unlimited ammo, and only a generous overheating mechanism to worry about. It has an incredible rate of fire and can be the difference between a tough game or an easy one when used effectively. You may see one or sometimes two of these, and if possible it would be a great idea to have guys dedicated to hauling these around for the awesome firepower it brings. The catch is you can’t sprint when carrying these around. They can be dropped with a right-click, or deployed with a left click. Holding E for 3 seconds will dismantle it. Note they can also be carried up ladders. Also they tend to get attacked by enemies and once destroyed, will not respawn.






This is a new addition to the game. Place it, and when it detects oncoming enemies, it fires at them in a 90-degree arc. As you can imagine, this is a very handy thing to carry around with you.


Barricades are the relocatable yellow fences you can put up anywhere, and these can be upgraded now.


Arc Fence – Adding an Arc grenade to a barricade will turn it into a Arc fence. Look for the small grenade slot located to the middle of the barricade.


Fire/Gas Fence – Adding a white propane gas tank will turn it into a fire fence. Look for the bottom corner for the gas icon to add it there.



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