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Eco Cheat Codes


Cheat Codes

Press ENTER to open the chat window. Then activate one of the effects indicated below by entering the corresponding cheat phrase.


Note: All the cheats are entered through chat. No need to go through the console.



Cheat CodeEffect

  • /help – Shows a list of commands.


  • /pay [playername],[amount],[currencyname] – Pay an amount of money to another player. For Example: /pay Robert,100,Coins


  • /unstuck – Attempts to unstick your avatar


  • /fly – Toggles fly mode


  • /admin [player] – Adds a user as an Admin


  • /allskills – Unlocks all skills


  • /allworldobjects – Spawns all world objects


  • /allterrain – Spawns all diggable blocks


  • /atm – Add atmosphere


  • /day – Set and lock the server time to noon


  • /destroymeteor – Destroys the meteor in orbit.


  • /dumpcarried – Dumps all carried items.


  • /give [itemname],(amount) – Give yourself an item. Usage: /give Lumber,10


  • /noskills – Resets all skills to zero


  • /ownall – Claim all property


  • /poorbunnies – Kills all animals


  • /setspawn – Changes the spawn location you your current location


  • /skillpoints (amount) – Give yourself skill points


  • /spawnlasers – Spawns the end-game lasers and power supplies, and drops thier power needs.


  • /teleport (x),(y),(z) – Teleport to an xyz coordinate


  • /teleportplayer [player] – Teleport to a player


  • /vomit – Empties your stomach


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