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eFootball PES 2020 – Renewing Contracts Guide

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Renewing Contracts

This is something that can surprise some newcomers to PES myClub. Getting the players/managers isn’t usually the hard part – keeping them is the real challenge.



Player Renewal

Every ten games, you will need to renew a player’s contract. A Black Ballplayer is more expensive than a Silver Ball, costing around 3-4k GP. This will be a problem, as this is roughly the same GP you make when you win a game, and if you’re rocking a 5-star team, you will need 35k every ten games to keep using all your players.


You can also use coins to renew your players’ contracts, although I wouldn’t recommend it – you should save them for the weekly Featured Players/Teams or top Managers when you’re just starting.


If you don’t renew the contract right away, you will still keep the player in your club – you simply won’t be able to play with him until the contract is renewed.


Now and then, you will also get some “Contract Renewal Tickets.” This means you can renew any player contract without spending GP/coins. Naturally, you should save those Tickets for your most expensive players.


Players’ contract renewals become more expensive as they level up. If you’re scouting for a player like Ronaldo, who probably will often play in your team, you can save some GP by immediately renewing his contract for dozens or hundreds of games while he is still level 1.



Manager Renewal

Managers are a little different: when their contract runs out, they will be extended for free if you have fulfilled their objectives.


If you fail to achieve their goals, you will need to spend GP/coins to renew their contracts – top managers are expensive (7k or more), but their contracts are renewed for 25 games.


Objectives vary depending on the coach you are using and how successful you’ve been in the previous run. At the end of each game, you will get a status update on your objectives.


To renew their contracts for free, you need to accomplish a certain amount of points in one of the following competitions (period of 25 games):


  • Ranked Match / Online Challenge Cup


  • Ranked Match (SIM)


  • VS COM/VS COM Challenge Cup


In my experience, SIMs are usually the easier ones to pull off, although you can’t control the outcome of the games. VS COM games are probably the safest bet, provided you’re a decent player, but you will have to play many of those to secure a free contract renewal.


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