Elite Dangerous: Odyssey – How have stations changed with Odyssey?


How have stations changed with Odyssey?

Once a player enters a station, they can enter the hangar in order to disembark from their ship. Once this is done, the player can enter the station’s concourse.


Concourses are extensions to spaceports and outposts, where players can interact with vendors and meet other players. 12 players will be supported in a single instance, (however, this is still under review).


Social Spaces will support the following services:

  • Mission Givers


  • Supplies


  • Apex Interstellar Transport – A shuttle service which transports players to other ports and settlements within 100ly.


  • Frontline Solutions – Sign up to conflict zones


  • Shipyard


  • Sell genetic samples


  • Buy or Sell commodities


Players will also be able to access an on-foot mission board, access authorities to pay off or collect fines and bounties, and edit their loadout.


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