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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey – Tools and Weapons Guide

Tools and Weapons Guide

There is a multitude of new weapons and tools available with Odyssey. This guide intends to show each one available and how they function.




Arc Cutter – Fires a laser that can open locked doors, panels, or lockers.


Genetic Sampler – Collects data from organisms, which can then be sold.


Energy Link – This is a tool that comes with two modes, Siphon Mode, which takes energy from an object and places it in the suit, or Overload Mode, which can be used to deactivate objects. It can also be used as a stealth weapon at close range.


Profile Analyzer – This tool can scan for information, and can also clone information to allow the player to access specific areas of a settlement.




Weapons are split into different types, here’s a table that explains what type of weapon is included in Odyssey, and what they are effective/weak against.



Karma P-15 – Kinetic Pistol


Karma AR-50 – Kinetic Assault Rifle


Karma C-44  – Kinetic SMG


Karma L-6 – Rocket Launcher


Manticore Tormentor – Plasma Pistol


Manticore Intimidator – Plasma Shotgun


Manticore Oppressor – Plasma Assault Rifle


Manticore Executioner – Plasma Marksman Rifle


TK Zenith – Laser Pistol


TK Aphelion – Laser Assault Rifle


TK Eclipse – Laser SMG


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